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Isabelle Paige

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Isabelle began practicing yoga at the age of 15 and quickly fell in love as the benefits of her practice started influencing her daily life.


Isabelle is passionate about supporting others in becoming congruent in body, mind and soul, so they can live self-actualized lives of thriving not just surviving. She holds a sacred space creating safety that allows others to let down their defenses. She assist others in clearing out all the lies, illusions, beliefs, attitudes and traumas that may be blocking them from knowing, feeling and acting from the deepest truth of who they are.


By integrating yoga and spirituality into her coaching sessions she creates a complete holistic system, not contingent on any particular religion or worldview, that provides practical tools to become more present, connected, aware, conscious, loving, and kind—with regard to ourselves and to others. Simply put, her coaching is the best way to lead a joyful and meaningful life.


Ultimately, she believes in finding inner freedom, being sure of oneself regardless of circumstance, and knowing the external world intimately while being impervious to external forces. Her coaching helps us tap into our true heart’s desires and fulfill our highest potential, thus transforming the world.


Live your best life!

Each of us is born with the imprint of who we are meant to be. Only when we are in alignment with our authentic selves can we realize our true potency.

There are many factors that take us away from our path and it is then that we begin to make choices that don’t align with who we truly are. This is when we begin to experience disruptions in our mind, body and spirit.

The clients that I work with are on a journey to change themselves, their relationships and careers in order to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Let me help you discover your authentic path.

Empowering women to succeed physically, mentally, and emotionally through life coaching is one of my passions! By coaching women around vision & goals, balance, mindset, business management, and physical wellness we become better for society as a whole. Each person brings something new to the table and we address the individual as a whole – rather than an issue – to ensure we build long-term solutions.

Coaching Structure:

  • Personal Interview | 1-Hour: In our first meeting, we will spend time getting to know one another. I expect my clients to interview me as I interview them so that we together can make a decision on whether coaching is a good fit at this time.

  • Ongoing Coaching Sessions | 1-Hour: We will dive into your mind to investigate how you are feeling and what is happening in your life right now. The process of self-study is personalized for every individual. From here we move forward in the direction we are pulled. 




a private yoga teacher designs a class specific to the needs of students. These private instructions give you the opportunity to experience a class designed to your body, your abilities and your goal. Private instruction lets you work on what makes sense for you at your own pace and at a time that is convenient for you. Private class helps you to create a strong foundation, move out of pain, practice safer, master the postures and ultimately guides you to a better understanding of the practice of yoga.

Isabelle will take the time to show you how to get into and out of every pose properly. As well as help you develop a  sustainable personalized practice that can be done anytime/ anywhere.


During these private sessions we will specifically work on designing a practice that can be done at any time! You will no longer need to spend your money on drop-in classes at a studio because you will have the tools to practice at home.


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